“Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees.”


A scrap storage facility accepts and separates trash,recyclables,and other materials before transporting them to the proper destination. The household scrap is segregated into different groups like paper, plastic, and metal. There are three ways to waste management which are incineration, landfill, and recycling.

  • Incineration
    is a method of waste treatment that involves the burning of solid trash. Incinerators, in particular, burn the organic material in the waste stream.
  • A Landfill
    is a pit in the ground to bury solid waste. Landfills are the most traditional and widely used method of waste disposal.
  • Recycling
    is another method of treating solid waste is to reclaim raw materials and repurpose them to generate new items. Recycling lowers the amount of waste that must be burned or buried. It also relieves environmental pressure by decreasing the need for new resources such as paper and metals.
    In good condition, objects such as furniture, bicycles, and books can be sent to a secondhand store for reuse.